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Tips for Selling Scrap

  • Clean up the metal by removing attachments (like screws or rivets) or obvious dirt, wood, paper, paint or other debris. We usually pay less for dirty scrap material than we do for clean, so investing a little time to clean up your material can help you earn more.
  • Sort your scrap material, first separating ferrous from non-ferrous metal, and then separating by metal type (e.g., copper, aluminum, steel, etc.).  If you don’t have the time, we’ll gladly accept it all mixed together, but the more it is sorted, the more we can pass our labor savings to you.
  • Store material until you reach higher weights.  Because our transportation and handling cost is about the same for 200 pounds of material as it is for 20,000 pounds, we can pay higher prices to customers who accumulate more scrap material because our costs will be lower.

Columbus Recycling can assist you with information and containers to help you collect your scrap material cleanly and efficiently.  Contact us for information


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