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Our Values

At Columbus Recycling, we value our ability to make a positive economic and environmental impact on behalf of our customers, consumers and communities. 

There are several important questions we continually ask ourselves:

How can we increase the value we provide for our customers and consumers?

  • Our growth has been fueled by entrepreneurial innovation that saves our customers time and trouble, or makes them more money or increasingly productive.  We strive to create a culture where every employee is inspired to contribute ideas that support this goal.

How can we improve the future of our communities?

  • We recognize that as companies grow, they are increasingly tied to their local communities, and their communities are increasingly dependent on them.  We therefore:
    • Provide excellent compensation/benefits to our employees, including fully paid medical insurance
    • Seek diversity in our employee base 
    • Provide corporate sponsorship of community organizations and events 
    • Encourage individual participation in community organizations and events

How can we make our work sites safer for our customers and employees?

  • Nothing takes precedence over our determination to get employees home safely at the end of each day.  We are diligent about complying with OSHA standards at all sites, and maintain ongoing safety training programs for all job functions. 

How can we contribute more to environmental health?

  • The recycling industry plays a critical role in the overall environmental health of our society.  Simply put, the better we do our job, the less damage is done to our planet.  To that end, we have an active Environmental Compliance initiative at each of our facilities, which includes training, regular inspection and continuous improvement programs.  We are proud of our record of regulatory compliance and spotless EPA record.  Learn more about Our Environmental Commitment

The foundation of everything we do at Columbus Recycling is a simple concept that guides our actions:  “Always do the right thing”. 

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