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From our beginnings as a single scrap yard in the 1950s to our position as one of the leading independent recycling operations in the Southeastern United States, Columbus Recycling has focused on providing the most dependable and principled service possible.  Our commitment to “always do the right thing”, is supported by key operational strategies that benefit both buyers and sellers:

Stable and Reliable Company

  • We have been in business for more than 60 years and are stronger today than at any point in our history.
  • Our long track record of growth and profitability – through both good and bad economic times – provides a dependable foundation for our customers and consumers. 
  • You can depend on Columbus Recycling

Efficient Operations

  • Our unique combination of scale, experience and capability enables us to analyze, transport, and process scrap in an efficient and cost effective manner.  
  • We have locations in close proximity to numerous highway, rail and barge transportation alternatives.
  • As a partnership focused organization, we share these efficiency savings with our customers.
  • You will save money with Columbus Recycling

Best-in-Class Payment Terms

  • Our balance sheet is strong and allows us to extend flexibility to our business partners.  
  • We can tailor payment terms to fit specific needs, including expedited payment that is among the fastest in the industry.
  • You will be paid on time, every time by Columbus Recycling

 Investment in the Future

  • By consistently reinvesting in growth we are able to provide the most advanced equipment for collecting and processing scrap.
  • Columbus Recycling makes it possible to reach increasingly precise specifications and standards.  
  • You are the key priority of Columbus Recycling 

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